About Us: Plastic Wallet Inserts

For most of my career I was a Quality Control Engineer for companies like Delco Remy, Allison Transmissions, and Rolls Royce. In my spare time I would work on cars but as I got older it became too difficult to do this. When I retired, I began fiddling around with computers, taking them apart and rebuilding them was something I enjoyed doing since I was unable to work on cars anymore, which was frustrating.

But what was really frustrating was finding a replacement wallet insert for my wallet. I love carrying photos of my grandchildren with me in my wallet to show to all my friends and a wallet photo insert is the best item to carry with me to accomplish this. They used to be sold in local stores around me, but no longer. So I decided that other people must be having this problem, so since I enjoyed computers, I should create an ecommerce website. I started this online store to make it easier for folks like you and me to find a high quality insert at a low price and get it shipped for free. I put my quality control background from airplane engines and cars back into use again, but at a much smaller scale, to create a plastic wallet insert that will expand your wallet's storage capabilities. All of these wallet inserts are made of the highest quality material available, made right here in the USA, and offer superb performance at an affordable price.

I am doing this because I enjoy it and wanted to offer a quality product. But in order for me to do this full time, my wife of over 50 years needed to be on board with this. When I told her about my idea and if she would mind she said, "Anything that will keep you from talking about politics then I am all in." She also travels around the country and shows our horses and this business would keep me occupied when I am not able to travel with her to the shows that are further away. Here is a picture of me that my lovely wife took while taking care of one of our beloved furry friends.